About Us

Welcome to Africa Success Enhancement Lab (ASEL)

Our objective is to enhance success in Africa by contributing to the development of leaders of integrity.

Why We Do This

Corruption has become an endemic that calls all of us to care and do something about!

Nations and organizations rely on effective leaders for their growth, development and sustainability. Integrity focused leadership prioritizes the greater societal good; thinking and planning for the long term success of all the people; not making decisions based on self-interest. Leaders of integrity are the most important resource to a community’s social and economic development. With a seemingly acute supply in the 21st century, the world is yearning for such leaders.Leadership behavior is a manifestation of inner-directed choices that compel one to act in a certain manner. We at ASEL believe that building strong characters in our children and youth as well as inspiring positive change in adults will enhance success in fighting corruption, while cultivating this crop of young leaders.

The word ‘lab’ denotes that ASEL will actively/deliberately source for what is working, through research and community engagements, all the while encouraging others to do the same. Thus in addition to enhancing the cultivation of integrity based leadership with an immunity to corruption, ASEL will provide a platform for sharing various successes as a way of inspiring African citizens. After all, we are all a village, your success is my success.

Like in many other sectors, government's’ efforts in building citizens’ immunity to corruption need to be supported and supplemented to accelerate the achievement of national goals. ASEL was founded for this purpose.


One day Africa will be filled with leaders that shun corruption and prioritize integrity


To facilitate the development of corruption-free leaders in Africa and beyond.

The main objective of ASEL is to develop leaders’ immunity to corruption as a way of contributing to social economic development of Africa.


  1. Enhance success in Africa by contributing to the development of servant leaders’ immune to corruption.
  2. Affirm leaders who have the quality of integrity in leadership. Encourage them to mentor others through structured programmes
  3. Promote integrity formation in early childhood; integrity transformation in youth and adults.
  4. Bring African success stories together and let the people learn from each other - create hope rather than despair in the continent.

You are in good hands....